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Everyone who lived through the 80s remembers the boombox. Also known as 'ghetto blasters', these portable music players were the ultimate attitude accessory, characterized by bass-heavy speakers that could shake a whole block. To carry a boombox at full volume took a lot of swag. 

These days boombox's thumping out bass while being carried are a rare sight. However, that doesn't mean they have lost their usefulness.

In the rapid evolution of personal media players and smartphones, the joy of listening to music in a group has been a little forgotten. 

Fired from a rifle, a .50 Cal bullet is extremely powerful, loud and accurate over 1000 yards.

This served as the inspiration behind Thodio's A-BOX, an authentic 1950's .50 Caliber ammo box converted into a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker. 

When Thodio say the A-Box is militarily authentic, they mean it. The vintage ammo boxes used to house the A-Box are made from genuine 1mm steel plates, straight from the military.

The A-Box is both compact and powerful, producing a punchy clear sound far exceeding what you’d expect from a portable speaker of this size. 

Built For War


The military spec design of the A-BOX ensures it can handle being dropped, bumped or even rained on. Despite its toughness, the box is not too heavy, weighing around 6kg depending on the battery. 

Face Melting Bass

Thodio makes the bold claim that this speaker is not only louder than any portable Bluetooth boombox currently on the market but also clearer. 

You can wirelessly stream your music from up to 230 feet in CD quality with any Bluetooth device due to the A-Box’s market-leading integrated HD 'LossLess' aptX/AAC Bluetooth module. 

The ammo can casing has been reinforced and insulated with three different materials to solidify it enough to produce booming bass. A 200 watt RMS audiophile amplifier behind the custom filtered kevlar coned coaxial speakers with soft dome tweeters, gives the box its impressive sound. 


Long Life Battery Pack

Not many Bluetooth speakers can boast 26 hours of battery life on a single charge. The safe and protected integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack will last for up to 26 hours on a single charge. The 3400mAh 29.4volts 88WH Li-Ion pack with 7 x 18650 LG cells produce just that.

The batteries in the A-Box will last up to 500-1000 charge cycles and will still have 80% of their capacity available. Most importantly all battery packs are replaceable.


The A-Box also comes with an automatic charger, a mini-jack AUX Input, a high-quality audio cable, a battery indicator light, and a dual USB charge port making it effectively a power bank that can charge your digital devices. 


All Thodio products come with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee and a three-year warranty