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Tactical Nylon Military Style Chest Rig
  • Tactical Nylon Military Style Chest Rig


    Fashion has always reflected the feeling of an era. Unfortunately for us, this era is undoubtedly one of global instability, protest and an increasing distrust of government.

    'Warcore' is the new fashion trend taking over from 'normcore' on the fashion world's runways.

    At Paris Fashion Week, ALYX stole the show with technical and dystopian fashion that would look as at home in a pitched battle on the streets as it would anywhere else. 

    This chest rig is a perfect example of the fashion trend sweeping the world.

    Crafted from Nylon it features adjustable straps and several pockets for carrying your essentials. 


    The main pocket has velcro closure for ease of access. This chest rig is at the affordable end of the spectrum, for genuine Cordura Nylon chest rig's check out our other offerings.


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