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TSPTR drops collections featuring Vietnam War-inspired pieces

TSPTR has dropped a new collection ‘Peace Be The Journey’ inspired by the 'Stonemasters’, a mix of hardcore mountaineers and carefree hippies who migrated to Yosemite in the early seventies.

Yosemite National Park in California is home to strikingly vertical walls spanning up to 3,000 feet and was the location for a new bred of climbers who slept in their cars, in tents or even in caves.

These self-proclaimed ‘dirtbags’, were long-haired vagabonds who changed the face of climbing forever. The Peace Be The Journey Collection is a homage to their style and vision.

Being a part of the counterculture movement in the 70s, the Collection features a number of pieces inspired by the Vietnam War.

Military-inspired Highlights

Nam Jacket

Natick Labs designed the US Army tropical combat jacket and trousers in 1962 after a request from Army Materiel Command for a dedicated uniform for Special Forces personnel in Vietnam.

Made from 5½ oz. the single-breasted jacket was crafted from wind-resistant cotton poplin in OG-107 and featured two slanted chest cargo pockets and two lower cargo pockets.

The design also featured epaulets, pen pockets behind both chest cargo pockets, waist take-in tabs, and an internal gas flap that was actually designed to prevent chemical agents seeping through the front button closure.

The tropical combat uniform was perfectly designed for Vietnam because it was both lightweight and quick drying, but it had exposed pocket buttons often got snagged in the jungle, so it was later redesigned.

Tresle Shorts - Kelp

Tresle Shorts are based on Vietnam War era US Army fatigue pants later worn as cut offs for surfing by returning GI’s.

They feature front patch pockets, above the knee styling and a zip fly.

Named after the famous surf break Trestles at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County, they are made from soft Portuguese cotton twill with horn buttons and metal zipper.

Mojave Smock - Kelp

In the late 1940’s US Navy Gunners smocks were adopted by California’s Dry Lake Hot Rodders as practical racing jackets, with the original white overdyed in a range of colors.

They also became a staple for surfers in the 60s, ideal for early mornings and evenings on the West Coast.

TSPTR x @john_lofgren

TSPTR has also indicated there will be an upcoming collaboration with boot maker John Lofgen for a set of military-inspired Sneakers, Smocks and Boonie Hats.

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