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The Hundreds X Osiris D3 2001 drops in camo with Fred Durst

LA streetwear brand The Hundreds has teamed up with skate brand Osiris to drop the Hundreds X Osiris D3 2001.

The original Osiris D3 was a very popular silhouette despite never really being embraced by hardcore skaters. It was embraced in hardcore fashion and worn by the likes of Fred Durst from Limp Biscuit.

This might be the most sought after D3, with its murdered black camo profile, gum sole and flashy 3M side panels. For this classic reimagined skate shoe, it is all about details.

Fred Durst's involvement in the launch of the D3 2001 was an important element being an inspiration behind the capsule. Like the D3, Durst himself was hated by some but fed off the negativity to become immensly popular.

An interview with Durst talking about the launch of the D3 and finding normalcy after fame can be read here.

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