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Stone Island gives us glimpse into future of camo

A culture of research, experimentation, function and practicality has always emanated from Stone Island, the Italian sportswear brand established in 1982 by the late creative innovator, Massimo Osti.

The brand is identifiable by its iconic patch, which can be recognized from miles away, and it can’t be bought separately from a jacket or sweater.

Stone Island continues to innovate to this day and their new collection of thermo-sensitive camouflage may have just shown us the future of camouflage.

The new seasonal camouflage collection revolves around ‘SS '019’ printed heat reactive thermo-sensitive fabric, which reacts when exposed to heat.

The collection is crafted from cotton ripstop, printed with one steadfast color and three colors that react with temperature changes.

When observed from a distance the digitally detailed pattern is designed to obscure the wearer in a visual illusion and when exposed to heat the pattern “mutes and morphs”. The new collection includes a two-in-one jacket/vest, a parka with a detachable hood and a pair of pants.

To see a visualisation of the thermo-sensitive camouflage in action watch this video:

To learn more about the collection click here.

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