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MYAR mixes military with deadstock Hawaiian for SS19

MYAR signature military, utilitarian aesthetic gets refreshed with the breezy, positive vibe of the Hawaiian iconography

An anagram of Army, 'MYAR' is a label known for taking vintage military garments and changing them into unique pieces.

For SS 2019, designer Andrea Rosso drew inspiration from camouflage pieces and classic Hawaiian t-shirts converting them into practical and sustainable casual streetwear.

Dubbed 'Re Aloha', the collection includes highlights including an upcycled jacket lined with a Hawaiian shirt, Russian army t-shirts emboldened with floral prints and one shirt which is actually a combination of two military shirts.

Camouflage prints used in the collection have been carefully chosen to match the bold hues of different Hawaiian shirts for a sophisticated tonal effect.

In a unique approach, the history and process of the garments creation is available by scanning QR codes, which have been placed on the inside of every garment.

To learn more about the ‘Re Aloha’ click here.

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