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Mission Workshop drops high tech Japanese cotton shirt

Mission Workshop, a San Francisco based manufacturer of elite military-inspired apparel for the street, has dropped a new Japanese cotton shirt.

The Scot is Mission Workshop’s take on the traditional short sleeve button-down. The tailored silhouette, sculpted button collar, and precision construction give it a sophisticated look, while durable stretch fabric and heavy-duty core-spun thread provides freedom of movement and hard wearing surety.

Cut with a slim fit, the Scot is perfect to wear on its own, or as a layer over a white crew neck or under a jacket.

The stunning Japanese stretch fabric is a little heavier than traditional short sleeve buttons downs which gives a feeling of durability, while maintaining the structured look of the shirt.

The fabric is 98% cotton allowing it to breathe freely, staying cool and comfortable in most conditions. The added 2% Lycra only adds to the shirts stretch and comfort. Receive $50 off with the code SCOT until Friday 19th July.

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