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Military Denim collection draws on British Army past and sustainable future

Unearthed British Army denim from archives inspires Patrick Grant’s Military Denim Denim Collection

Military Denim

Patrick Grant is the man behind E Tautz, a brand that helped bring the cool back to Savile Row.

Founded as Edward Tautz & Sons on Oxford Street London in 1867, Grant acquired the brand in 2005.

Despite having no previous experience in fashion, he successfully directed the brand to focus on simple pieces, made by hand and manufactured in the U.K.

Sustainable Denim

The Military Denim collection is based on original Military denim, which was standard issue for the British Army up to the 1950s.

In fact, it was the discovery of some military denim pieces in the brand’s lengthy archives that inspired Grant to create the collection.

“I have a few amazing Forties/Fifties-era military denim pieces in my archive, a couple of battledress jackets and a pair of what they called ‘overalls’,” Grant told GQ Magazine in a recent interview.

“It’s a very cool looking fabric and over the past dozen or so years I’ve asked every denim expert I have come across if they knew anyone weaving it, without success.”

Sustainability is a major theme of the collection. Genuine sustainability, not only a buzzword brands use to seem environmentally aware. Every piece in the collection is produced in Lancashire, the home county of the brand.

Each garment is woven, dyed, cut, sewn and completed all within 35 miles of the brand’s headquarters.

The collection is a mix of military-style blouse jackets, hoodies, chinos and laid back tees.

Head over to E Tautz to check out the collection.

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