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Members Only drops translucent camo jacket

Members only has dropped a utilitarian jacket in a camo print and with a unique translucent layering.

Printed Camo & Translucent Layering Jacket

Members Only will forever be known as brand that dressed up the 80s. The brand's iconic racer jackets were a ubiquitous fashion statement in the '80s. If you are not old enough to have lived through the 80s, you may remember your dad wearing one of these.

After a period in the wilderness, Members Only was revived in 2016 and has added many styles of jackets since then including a women's line, footwear, sportswear and hosiery.

While the brand still sells a version of its iconic racer jacket, nowadays it has a far more diverse range of jackets than it did in the 1980s.

The Men's Printed Camo and Translucent Layering Jacket is a utilitarian military-inspired jacket.

Featuring printed camo with a translucent layering, this slim fit jacket comes with an adjustable hood, two side pockets and a Members Only centre logo. It comes in two camo prints: army camo (left) and maze camo (right). To learn more about the Men's Printed Camo and Translucent Layering Jacket head over to Members Only.

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