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maharishi fuses the military with asian mysticism in FW19

Mis à jour : 7 oct. 2019

Maharishi is one of the streetwear bands that really loves the military aesthetic, and their latest collection “in Heaven, as it is on Earth” is true to form.

The collection features some military-inspired items mixed in with symbolic tiger and dragon embroidery, Asian symbolism the brand has featured before. In ancient asian culture, the tiger and dragon symbolise yin and yang.

The palette of the collection has also been carefully considered thematically.

Earth is represented with earthy and militaristic tones of muted greens and browns, while heaven is symbolized with more striking golds and reds. It’s a compelling contrast.

The Fall/Winter 2019 collection has been crafted from a collection of international premium fabrics.

These include water-resistant and vegetable-dyed nylon from Japan, tweed wool from Abraham Moon & Sons, a British heritage mill, and Italian Cotton Nylon Ripstop from Majocchi.

Velvet bomber jackets, mixed-camo coats, tiger and dragon embroidered pants and hoodies, all feature.

Check out the military-inspired highlights in the gallery below.

To peep the entire collection head over to maharishi’s store.

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