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Katim releases smartphone for extreme conditions

If Ethan Hawke had a smartphone in Mission Impossible, it would probably be the ultra-secure R01 from UAE cybersecurity specialist Katim, a phone for extreme field conditions.

This is a smartphone designed for maximum protection against both the elements and cyber threats.

The R01 has a hardened case with five layers that can withstand being dropped, run over, thrown in the sea for 30 minutes or buried in the dirt.

Extreme temperatures, high humidity, and altitude are also no issue for the R01, which also features an extended battery life and a tamper-protected design to protect important data.

The device even features a built-in barometer and temperature and humidity sensors to measure ambient conditions in real time.

While the protection this phone offers against external threats is impressive, it is the protection from threats within where it really shines.

The operating system on the R01 features a hardware-based crypto 'root of trust, a secure communications suite of applications based on custom and quantum-resistant cryptographic protocols.

The Katim Command Centre is a back-end infrastructure device management solution that remotely configures and controls the device through its lifecycle.

The R01 is designed to be practical in the field, with excellent grip, extra loud audio for loud environments, dedicated Push-to-Talk, SOS buttons and a touch screen that’s accurate for gloved or wet hand operations.

About the only thing the R01 won’t do is self-destruct once you’ve received your messages.

Technical Specifications

Security Features:

  • Katim secure apps and messenger

  • Katim Command Center remotely configures and controls the device through its lifecycle

  • Shield Mode securely cut-offs microphones and cameras in top-secret meetings

  • Client controlled hardware and ‘software root of trust’ for highly secure user and device key storage and communication

  • Locked mode to disable microphones and cameras

  • Data theft protected USB interface

  • Automatic user key wipe

  • Secure boot, kernel hardening, OS and app sandboxing

  • Hardened Android operating system (Android 8.1)

General Features:

  • Market leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor for connectivity without compromise.

  • Touch screen useable with wet fingers and gloves

  • Unique ruggedized design

  • Dedicated SOS button to send emergency messages with GPS coordinates

  • Dedicated push to talk button for instant secure communication

To learn more about the Katim R01 click here.

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