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G-Shock targets world’s toughest watches with Mudmaster GG-B100

The latest incarnation of the popular Mudmaster range from G-Shock is the GG-B100 featuring Carbon Core Guard construction.

G-shock, a series of watches with a tough reputation, are attempting to get even tougher with carbon fiber cases that are both lightweight and incredibly durable.

Carbon fiber is assimilated into very bones of this watch, with the famously resilient material developed from aviation and aerospace research, even applied to the bezel under a layer of fine resin.

The structural changes brought about some design improvements with G-Shock’s famous button guards, being no longer deemed necessary.

Without the imposing button guards, the GG-B100 still looks like a G-Shock, but slightly less imposing.

G-Shock has released four models so far that incorporate the the Carbon Core Guard construction and it seems apparent that G-Shock is on a mission to develop indestructible watches.

In terms of functionality, the new Mudmaster has added some practical smart tech for 2019.


Aside from a thermometer, barometer, altimeter, digital compass and step counter, the Mudmaster features plenty of the top of the line functionality you'd expect from a G-Shock.

- Mission Log function

With the Mudmaster, an altitude point can be manually acquired and plotted on the map.

The altitude measured by the watch and the course obtained from a smartphone’s GPS are automatically recorded to an app.

- Location Indicator

Record your current location in an app. Display shows your recorded destination by the second hand, and the distance on the LCD.

- Calorie calculator

A functional addition that appears on most devices with some smart functionality.

- Mode/display switching customization

- Automatic time adjustment

With World Time for over 300 cities this feature will save traveller from constantly adjusting for time zones.

- Phone Finder

Pair the Mudmaster with your phone and utilise the Phone Finder functionality if it gets lost.

To learn more about the Mudmaster, head over to G-Shock.

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