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G-SHOCK gets military makeover in camo and khaki

Casio has released a new collection of GM-5600 watches including in 'military camo'.

Casio G-SHOCK GM-5600B-3 in 'Military Camo'

There might not be a better known military-inspired watch than the Casio G-SHOCK.

Known for it’s rugged and durable casing, the G SHOCK is a favorite of not only military personnel but anyone with an active lifestyle.

The GM-5600 was originally introduced in 1983, featuring a telltale square face. Now, Casio has released the GM-5600B-3 in a new “Military Camo” version.

This new iteration of the 5600B-3 has a resin case interior and a bezel cover in Stainless Steel.

While subtle, there is a pixelated camo frame around the LCD, contrasting with the black ion-plated bezel and mineral glass face.

The GM-5600B-3 is also water resistant to 200 meters and features light on dark LCDs, adding to the overall look. A khaki green resin all-conditions strap contributes to the military aesthetic.

The release of the Military Camo G-SHOCK coincides with a new selection of 5600 Series watches all featuring metal parts.

The new GM-5600 Series

These new GM-5600 Series watches maintain the original G-SHOCK design while improving overall timekeeping quality, look and comfort.

The new G-SHOCK’s GM-5600B-3 in ‘Military Camo’ is available now at select retailers.

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