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ALYX holds markdown on select technical and warcore apparel

Mis à jour : 7 oct. 2019

ALYX, the brand famous for the military chest rig is holding a markdown sale on technical and warcore apparel.

Across the runways, tactical clothes are trending with brands from Calvin Klein to Louis Vuitton releasing the kind of apparel you'd expect to see in a violent protest not a high street fashion store. Perhaps it is a sign of the times we live in that the fashion trend dubbed 'warcore' and the military-aesthetic is rising in popularity.

Being an on trend style it's not often easy to find warcore and technical apparel at a discount.

ALYX are a well known proponent of the apocalyptic trend sweeping the world, having released military style chest rigs as a streetwear item. Now the label is holding a markdown sale across its entire SS19 Collection. Peep some of the items currently on sale in the below gallery and yes the chest rig is on sale too.

To see all of the ALYX SS19 apparel currently on sale head over to their webstore. To read more about warcore and the streetwear brands that are dropping military-inspired collections check out Street Surplus.

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