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From Legionnaires to luggage messenger bags have come a long way. 

Historically they have been called satchel bags, carryalls, sling bags, whatever the name messenger bags have been around for centuries. 


The first modern messenger bag was designed by the De Martini Global Canvas Company and donned by utility linemen in the 1950s.


These men were tasked with climbing up telephone poles and repairing them, a risky profession whereby easy, unimpeded access to the contents of your bag was imperative. 


However, the humble messenger bag can be traced back even further to Roman Legionnaires, who donned leather satchel bags which they dubbed "Oculus” a word that means "little place”. 


The limited edition Monty Messenger is a high quality, smaller-sized messenger from a quality boutique label out of San Fransico called Mission Workshop.

Mission Workshop has experience in creating advanced combat apparel for the world's most elite military units.

Cordura & Black Metal 

Constructed using 'MultiCam' black Cordura and equipped with black-metal hardware throughout, the Monty Messenger features a weatherproof roll top main compartment, which can be used in either the 'roll top' mode, or in the traditional 'flap down' configuration. 


Mission Workshop's patented Arkiv closure system works so well has become a coveted item among messenger bag enthusiasts and bicycle couriers.

Highly Functional Design

All Mission Workshop roll-top messenger bags feature quick-access outboard pockets, internal zippered pockets, custom aluminum strap hardware, and detachable cross-chest stabilizers. A large zippered pocket fits most 15’’ laptops and any tablet, while larger laptops and devices easily fit in the main cargo compartment.


Mission Workshop messenger bags also come with a buckle color of your choice on an interchangeable strap and they are guaranteed for life on the quality of workmanship and materials. If anything goes wrong the Company will even pay return shipping.